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Acrobat Skills
Skill Weapon Level Pre-Skill Type Region of Effect Description
Acrobat Pulling.png Pulling Yo-Yos 15 None
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Brings a target to you using Yo-Yo.
Acrobat Rapid Shot.png Rapid Shot Bows / Arrows 15 None
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Fire arrows wildly.
Acrobat Slow Step.png Slow Step Yo-Yos 15 None
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Slows an enemy.
Acrobat Fast Walker.png Fast Walker Yo-Yos or Bows / Arrows 18 Pulling 4
Normalskill.gif Self Increases movement speed for a short time.
Acrobat Bow Mastery.png Bow Mastery Bows / Arrows 20 Rapid Shot 5
Normalskill.gif Self Increases PvE Damage and the players Hit Rate.
Acrobat Yo-Yo Mastery.png Yo-Yo Mastery Yo-Yos 20 Slow Step 3
Normalskill.gif Self Increases Attack and Movement speed for a duration.
Acrobat Cross Line.png Cross Line Yo-Yos 30 Yo-Yo Mastery 4
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only A Yo-Yo strike that can cause stun.
Acrobat Dark Illusion.png Dark Illusion Yo-Yos or Bows / Arrows 30 Fast Walker 6
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Become Invisible for a short time.
Acrobat Silent Shot.png Silent Shot Bows / Arrows 30 Bow Mastery 4
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only A surprise attack that does more damage during Dark Illusion.
Acrobat Aimed Shot.png Aimed Shot Bows / Arrows 35 Bow Mastery 5
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Slow shot that has a chance to deal double damage.
Acrobat Snatch.png Snatch Yo-Yos 35 Yo-Yo Mastery 8
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Steal penya and do damage to target while in Dark Illusion. You must be behind target to attack.
Acrobat Counter Attack.png Counter Attack Yo-Yos 40 Cross Line 10
Normalskill.gif No Target needed Execute an attack after the enemy does while absorbing Pvp damage.
Acrobat Auto Shot.png Auto Shot Bows / Arrows 45 Silent Shot 9
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Rapid shot that decreases the target Pvp damage.
Acrobat Perfect Block.png Perfect Block Yo-Yos or Bows / Arrows 45 Dark Illusion 8
Normalskill.gif Self Increases Melee Block rate and Jump Height.
Acrobat Arrow Rain.png Arrow Rain Bows / Arrows 50 Aimed Shot 5
Normalskill.gif AOE Target needed Creates a rain of arrows that does damage over time.
Acrobat Deadly Swing.png Deadly Swing Yo-Yos 50 Snatch 10
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Strong Yo-Yo blast. Chance to make the enemy lose health over time.