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Acrobat Skills
Skill Weapon Level Pre-Skill Type Region of Effect Description
Acrobat Pulling.png Pulling Yo-Yos 15 None
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Brings a target to you using Yo-Yo.
Acrobat Rapid Shot.png Rapid Shot Bows / Arrows 15 None
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Fire arrows wildly.
Acrobat Slow Step.png Slow Step Yo-Yos 15 None
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Slows an enemy.
Acrobat Fast Walker.png Fast Walker Yo-Yos or Bows / Arrows 18 Pulling 4
Normalskill.gif Self Increases movement speed for a short time.
Acrobat Bow Mastery.png Bow Mastery Bows / Arrows 20 Rapid Shot 5
Normalskill.gif Self Increases PvE Damage and the players Hit Rate.
Acrobat Yo-Yo Mastery.png Yo-Yo Mastery Yo-Yos 20 Slow Step 3
Normalskill.gif Self Increases Attack and Movement speed for a duration.
Acrobat Cross Line.png Cross Line Yo-Yos 30 Yo-Yo Mastery 4
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only A Yo-Yo strike that can cause stun.
Acrobat Dark Illusion.png Dark Illusion Yo-Yos or Bows / Arrows 30 Fast Walker 6
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Become Invisible for a short time.
Acrobat Silent Shot.png Silent Shot Bows / Arrows 30 Bow Mastery 4
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only A surprise attack that does more damage during Dark Illusion.
Acrobat Aimed Shot.png Aimed Shot Bows / Arrows 35 Bow Mastery 5
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Slow shot that has a chance to deal double damage.
Acrobat Snatch.png Snatch Yo-Yos 35 Yo-Yo Mastery 8
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Steal penya and do damage to target while in Dark Illusion. You must be behind target to attack. Attacking Target will pull you out of Dark Illusion.
Acrobat Counter Attack.png Counter Attack Yo-Yos 40 Cross Line 10
Normalskill.gif No Target needed Execute an attack after the enemy does while absorbing Pvp damage.
Acrobat Auto Shot.png Auto Shot Bows / Arrows 45 Silent Shot 9
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Rapid shot that decreases the target Pvp damage.
Acrobat Perfect Block.png Perfect Block Yo-Yos or Bows / Arrows 45 Dark Illusion 8
Normalskill.gif Self Increases Melee Block rate and Jump Height.
Acrobat Arrow Rain.png Arrow Rain Bows / Arrows 50 Aimed Shot 5
Normalskill.gif AOE Target needed Creates a rain of arrows that does damage over time.
Acrobat Deadly Swing.png Deadly Swing Yo-Yos 50 Snatch 10
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Strong Yo-Yo blast. Chance to make the enemy lose health over time.