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Jester Skills
Skill Weapon Level Pre-Skill Type Region of Effect Description
Jester Enchant of Nature.png Enchant of Nature Yo-Yos 60 Deadly Swing 4
Normalskill.gif Self Provides the user with increased critical damage in the expense of Pve Damage.
Jester Enchant of Iron.png Enchant of Iron Yo-Yos 60 None
Normalskill.gif Self Decreases the casting time of skills for a short duration. Reduces Health Points.
Jester Escape.png Escape Yo-Yos 60 Perfect Block 6
Normalskill.gif Self Removes all debuffs, except stun, from the player.
Jester Critical Swing.png Critical Swing Yo-Yos 65 Enchant of Nature 3
Normalskill.gif Self Increases critical damage and Pve Damage
Jester Enchant of Life.png Enchant of Life Yo-Yos 70 Escape 3
Normalskill.gif Self Increases Health Points and Melee Block
Jester Sneak Stab.png Sneak Stab Yo-Yos 70 Enchant of Iron 3
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Attack a target from behind. Chance to stun target.
Jester Penya Strike.png Penya Strike Yo-Yos 75 Enchant of Life 4
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Strengthens the attack of a Yo-Yo by consuming penya.
Jester Vital Stab.png Vital Stab Yo-Yos 80 Critical Swing 4
Sneak Stab 7
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Surprise attack while in Dark Illusion.
Jester Special Yo-Yo Mastery.png Special Yo-Yo Mastery Yo-Yos 60M None
Normalskill.gif Self Increases Pvp Damage, Decreases Health Points for a duration
Jester Silence.png Silence Yo-Yos 120H None
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Target cannot use magic for a short duration.