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NPCs (Non Playable Characters) are the inhabitants of Madrigal, the world of FlyFF, who will give you quests, sell you items, buy your items, or help you create guilds. They also serve several other features which you may discover as you read through the list below.

WorldMap 2.png


Outside Flarine Town

* 01) *Ancimys NPC Flaris.jpg

Northern Flarine

* 01) (1vs1 Guild Siege Manager) Amos NPC Flaris2.jpg

Central Flarine

* 01) (Apprentice Teleporter) Tanya Nooks NPC Flaris3.jpg

Eastern Flarine

* 01) (Acrobat Trainer) Tailer NPC Flaris4.jpg

Madrigal Market Place

File:NPCMadrigal Market Place.jpg


* 01) (Arena Manager) Harold NPCArena.jpg

Saint Morning

Sain City

*01) Ann Sain City NPC.jpg

Outside Sain City

*01) Buff Pang NPC Outside Sain City.jpg

Gardin of Rhisis

Gardin of Rhisis

NPC Garden of Rhisis.jpg


Darkon 1

*01) Amadolka

NPC Darkon 1.jpg

Dekane Mines

*01) Drian NPC Dekane Mines.jpg

Darkon 2/Darken

*01) (Acrobat Master) Pyre NPC Darkon2-Darken.jpg

Darkon 3

*01) Andre NPC Darkon 3.jpg

Volkane Dungeon

*01) Mysterious Robed Girl 160px

Coral Island

*01) Buff Pang File:NPC CoralIslandNPC.jpg


*01) (Expedition Party Leader) Vespu File:NPC ShaduwarNPC.jpg


* 01) (Apothecary) Miriun 300px

Bahara Desert

* 01) (Expedition Leader) Rukas 400px

Isle of Dreams

  • Outside
* 01) Dream Flami 400px

Isle of Nightmares

  • Outside
* 01) Nightmare Flami 400px

Cove of the Ancients

  • Outside
* 01) Raelra 400px
  • Inside
* 01) Rio 400px

Abyssal Cove of the Ancients

  • Outside
* 01) Raila 400px
  • Inside
* 01) Reo 400px

La Christiana A

  • Outside
* 01) Sanpres 400px
  • Inside
* 01) Thomas 400px

Les Brittania S

  • Outside
* 01) Sancherko 400px
  • Inside
* 01) Smith 400px

Rainbow Race NPCs

*01) (Spirit of Rainbow) Yellow
Rainbow NPC map2.jpg

Madrigal Security

They may wonder but this is where they are most of the time.

Flarine Sain City Darkon 1 Darkon 2/Darken Darkon 3
Flaris guard nav.png SM Guard Nav.png Dar1 nav.jpg Dar Graud Nav.png Dar3 nav.jpg

Madrigal Real estate Agencies

Flarine Sain City Eillun
NPCGuild Mark2.jpg NPCGuild Mark3.jpg NPCGuild Mark4.jpg

Event Related NPCs

Continent Content Color Reference:
World Flaris Coral Island Saint Morning Garden of Rhisis Darkon Azria
Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert

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