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Ringmaster Skills
Skill Weapon Level Pre-Skill Type Region of Effect Description
Ringmaster Gvur Tialla.png Gvur Tialla Sticks
Bless Poster
60 Prevention 4
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Removes de-buffs from a target.
Ringmaster Holycross.png Holycross Sticks 60 None
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Target enemy takes 70% bonus damage for a limited time.
Ringmaster Protect.png Protect Sticks 60 Heap Up 6
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Decreases the damage from physical attacks on a target. Allstat +55 ; DEF +20%
Ringmaster Giftbox.png Giftbox Sticks 65 Protect 3
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Gives you Giftbox +1. GB +1
Ringmaster Spirit Fortune.png Spirit Fortune Sticks
Bless Poster
65 Holycross 1
Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Increases striking power of a target. IA +20%
Ringmaster Heal Rain.png Heal Rain Sticks 70 Gvur Tialla 3
Normalskill.gif AOE Around User Recovers HP for party members near you.
Ringmaster Geburah Tiphreth.png Geburah Tiphreth Sticks
Bless Poster
75 Holyguard 4
Spirit Fortune 7
Normalskill.gif AOE No target needed This ability increases Movement speed and PvE damage for a limited time. PvE +15% ; Speed +25%
Ringmaster Merkaba Hanzelrusha.png Merkaba Hanzelrusha Sticks
Bless Poster
80 Heal Rain 4
Normalskill.gif AOE Around User Enemies take damage in an area around you. Players hit by Merkaba will be slowed for a duration. Speed -25%
Ringmaster Blessing of the Wise Man.png Blessing of the Wise Man No Preference 60M None
Normalskill.gif AOE Around User Increases a players damage by 20% for a short time.
Ringmaster Return to Origins.png Return to Origins No Preference 120H None
Normalskill.gif Self Teleport to the nearest town. (May be used to flee a battle PvE or PvP)