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Skill Classes

To view the associated skills please select a class.

Beginner Vagrant
1st Class Acrobat Assist Magician Mercenary
2nd Class Jester Ranger Billposter Ringmaster Elementor Psykeeper Blade Knight
3rd Class Harlequin Crackshooter Force Master Seraph Arcanist Mentalist Slayer Templar

Leveling Up Skills

Skill Tree.jpg

On Insanity FlyFF you do not have to level your skills up manually. Your skills will reach their maximum level automatically as you level up your character. Press "K" to find out whether you have already unlocked a skill, and click or drag it to a hotkey to cast the skill.

Types of Skills

Description of Skill Types

Normalskill.gif General Skills: These types of skills can be assigned to hot keys F1 - F9 or if the skill does not have a cool down they can be placed in the action slot either singularly or repetitively they do not have to have any other skill before them or after them, though if you are using chain skills in the action slot they can not be placed in there with them.
Startingskill.gif Starting Skills: These skills can be placed on the hot keys or in the action slot, they can only be used singularly in the action slot you may follow a starting skill with a circle skill or a finishing skill.
Circleskill.gif Circle Skills: These skills can only be used in the action slot and there must be a starting skill in before them. You can add as many circle skills as you want after the starting skill.
Finishingskill.gif Finishing Skills: These skills can only be used in the action slot, you may only have one of them in the action slot and it must follow either a starting skill or a circle skill.

Composing your Action Slot

The action slot is located in the bottom right of the screen, when there are skills in the action slot you can activate them by pressing the hot key 'C'. You may have up to 6 skills in your action slot.

Setup 1: Normalskill.gifNormalskill.gifNormalskill.gif You can use general skills in the order you want them to activate
Setup 2: Startingskill.gifCircleskill.gif A starting skill and a circle skill
Setup 3: Startingskill.gifFinishingskill.gif A starting skill and a finishing skill
Setup 4: Startingskill.gifCircleskill.gifFinishingskill.gif A starting skill, a circle skill and a finishing skill

Action Slot Cooldown

When you use your action slot there will always be a cooldown of 12 seconds every time the last skill has been casted. You will see that the skills become grayed out (as shown in the image to the left). Activition's stop this cool down and you will be able to use all skills for as long as the Activition is active.

Action slot.jpg

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