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The Crystal Upgrade system is an upgrading system, that allows you to transform your equipment into crystal items and get extra bonuses.

How to transform your equipment

To transform your items into crystal you will need to farm in the Crystal Cove instances located in Flaris, Saint Morning and Darkon to gather the items required. You will also need level 300 weapons/armors/shields which are already fully upgraded to +10/+20.

The items required to upgrade

All items required are obtainable in the Crystal Cove instance and are listed below:

Cts.jpgCrystal Transformation Stones (commonly referred to as CTS) are used to transform your equipment into a crystal item.
Ces.pngCrystal Enchant Scrolls (commonly referred to as CES) are used to upgrade your crystal item.
Cess.pngCrystal Enchant Success Scrolls (commonly referred to as CESS) are used to increase the chance of successfully upgrading your item.

How to upgrade

To transform your items into crystal, the items have to be level 300 and fully upgraded to +10/+20.


  • Select the Crystal Upgrade option which will bring up this window:


  • Put your item in the leftmost box and the Crystal Transformation Stone in the rightmost and press Ok. Repeat this until your item has successfully been upgraded.

The benefits of upgrading

Upgrade Level Bonus on weapons Bonus on armor and shields
+4 +5% Speed
+5 +25 All Stats
+8 +50 STA
+10 +5% HP
+12 +10% DMG absorb
+15 +30% HP
+20 +25% PvP Dmg, +25% PvE Dmg, All Stat +60

The risks of upgrading

You will not lose or downgrade your item in any way if you fail transforming it from normal to crystal. Awakes, piercings, runes and rarities will not be reset or changed in the process, either. Once successful, the item will be transformed into crystal and set back to +0.

Ces.pngCrystal Enchant Scrolls will be needed to upgrade the item from now on. The chances for a successful upgrade will degrade with every upgrade level just like they did previously, but can be increased by using/activating a Cess.pngCrystal Enchant Success Scroll.

Failing an upgrade will reset the item to its last safe level, being +4, +8, +12 and +15.

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove is the new instance where you will be able to get the new upgrading items you need to upgrade your items to crystal.

The Instance has a 15 hour re-enter time and you are required to be in a party and level 290+

The entrance to this instance can be found inf Flaris, SaintMorning or Darkon and looks like:

Birds eye View of the map:

Normal Monsters:

  • Crystal Collector
  • Crystal Ghoul
  • Crystal Goomong
  • Crystal Ash

Sub Bosses:

  • Crystal Guardian Big Muscle
  • Crystal Guardian Krrr
  • Crystal Guardian Mushmoot

Support Mobs:

  • Crystal Imp (No drops)
  • Crystal Mushie (No Drops)

Boss Mob:

  • Crystal Meteonyker