Crafting System

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What is the Scroll of Craftsman Wisdom ?

Using this scroll on your weapon/shield will reset it to level 1 and give a random new attribute (example: Str, Sta, Int, Dex, All Stats, Hp, Mp, Attack Power, Parry, EXP, Hit Rate%).

Attributes of Scroll of Craftsman Wisdom

2+ Any Stat 2+ STR (axe,sword,yoyo)/+2 STA(Stick)/+2 INT(knuckle,wand,staff)/+2 Dex(Bow)
All Stat 2+ ALL STAT(shield)/+1 ALL STAT(axe,stick,knuckle,wand,staff,yoyo,bow)
HP 5+ HP(sword,axe,stick,knuckle,wand,staff,yoyo,bow)
MP 5+ MP(sword,axe,stick,knuckle,wand,staff,yoyo,bow)
Attack Power 2+/+3/+4/+5 Attack Power (sword,axe,stick,knuckle,wand,staff,yoyo,bow)
Parry 1+/+2 parry(shield)
Experience 1% experience(shield)
Hitrate 1% hitrate(sword,axe,stick,knuckle,wand,staff,yoyo,bow,shield)