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General Questions

What is the maximum level? The maximum level is 300.
Do we have Extra Bag in game? No, we don't have them anymore due to a bug, and hopefully will fixed in the future. Now when you click on "B" you will find the Auras Glows window.
What I can do when accidentally I've closed the window to change my job? If you are level 15, there's nothing to do, you must make a new char. If you are lvl 60, you can still make a quest in Darkon, talk with the NPCs Jobs to start the quest.
When I can choose my 3rd Job? You need to reach level 150 with 99,99% EXP and then you can choose 3rd job. v16 3rd Jobs: Arcanist, Mentalist, Forcemaster, Seraph, Slayer, Templar, Harlequin, Crackshooter.
PK points/Disposition affects my dmg? PK points or disposition does not lower your PvP Damage.
What UAS means? (Unique Awake Scroll) UAS or Unique Awake Scroll is a rare awake scroll on our server that gives you (by chance) rare awakes.

Example: MP%, HP%, IA%, High STR/STA/DEX/INT/ADoCH/DCT, EXP% etc.

What is Scroll of Craftsman Wisdom? Using this scroll on your weapon/shield will reset it to level 1 and give a random new attribute

(Examples: Str, Sta, Int, Dex, All Stats, Hp, Mp, Attack Power, Parry, EXP, Hit Rate%).

Ingame Support

I don't want my char is floating, what can I do? Menu -> Options -> Game/Audio -> Wings floating.
I forgot my password, how can I recover it? Option 1:

Go to our website and click on "Forgot Password?" and after you answer your secret Question, your password will be reseted.

Do you have a problem with option 1? Make a support ticket, in case that you forgot your mail or ID. All you need is your private Q&A.

I forgot my bank Pin. Submit a ticket
I came back but my Characters/Accounts gone? Full wipe has been done in September 2014. Wipe Patch
I can't see my wings/mask, what to do? Menu -> Option -> View Mask
Where I can find Pocket Pangs? - Collect Pocket pang Pieces and exchange them in the NPC near the collecting Area.

- Buy them from another player in marketplace. - Exchange Pocket Pangs with Monster Hunter Tokens.

I'm laggy what I should do? Login, go to Menu -> Options and put BG and item Effects off . (by moving the switch to to left)
My Teleporting Map went transparent, what to do? Click "C" key in your keyboard
I was collecting and I had disconnected from the server, after that my char can't move. You must collect again and it will be fixed.

In case that you have been teleported somewhere, pm someone from our staff and ask to summon your char to Collecting area.

How I can notice that there in game someone from Insanity Staff are connected? In the chat bar there is a question sign, click there and you will see their names, in case they are connected.
My character stuck/can't move. What I should do? Option 1:

Try to use a Blinkwing/Ticket (Azria/Coral Ticket)

Option 2: Click Menu -> Private Shop

Option 3: Press "O" and use the Teleport to the Nearest Town. It takes 5 minutes.

Nothing worked? Contact one of the Insanity Flyff Staff.

I transmuted my wings and they are bugged now, what to do? You can transmute only NON-Animated Wings to another NON-Animated Wings.
A player is blocking a NPC. What can I do? Press TAB and click on the NPC at the same time. You will be able to click through the player on the NPC.
Why I can't move? Take on your collector. Then you should able to move again.
I deleted my char and want use this name again. How long I have to wait? You have to wait 6 month until you can use a deleted char name again.

Forum Support

I can't edit my avatar/signature, why? You need at least 20 posts. Then you will be able to edit it, for sure.
How to post a picture in forum? Guide
I sent a ticket but I got no answers yet. There are a limited time to answer tickets, you must wait at least 48/72 hs for a response.
Why they takes so long to answer my ticket? There are many reasons if the tickets takes long time to be answered:

Our Admins needs investigate your account in case that you lost something, or in case you got any item bugged.

Or in case that your char are banned, still need investigate the reason about why you are banned, so wait patient please.

I want to report someone, how? Make a new ticket about player report with this information:
  • Your in game name
  • Ingame name of the player you are reporting
  • What does he/she/it abuses
  • add screenshot/s!

When reporting kill stealing you need more than 1 screenshot.

Don't even make a new ticket if you don't have any proofs.


How to donate? Go to Insanity website, click on "Purchase iPoints" and then choose how you want to donate.

Make sure you are logged into the page.

I can't find the option I need for donation payment Unfortunately accepting different types of payments is not a simple process.

We are always working on providing the easiest and simplest ways of donation but it is not only up to us. What you see on the donation page is what we provide at the moment.