Mentor-Pupil System

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Mentor System Definition

The mentor system gives high level players who wish to help new players a way of getting rewards for helping other players.

As a Mentor you will be taking your pupil under your wing and will be there to help your pupil with questions the may have about the game.

How to become a Mentor/Pupil

To become a mentor you must meet these conditions:

  • Completed the Mentor quest line - Info found here (link to be added later)
  • Be above level 200

To become a Pupil you must meet these conditions:

  • Be Below level 151

Once you have become a Mentor you can right click a player and select Request Mentor-Pupil Bond. The other player must accept.

Point system

A mentor can have a maximum of 3 Pupils at any one time. To begin with a mentor can only have 1 pupil but when you gain more points you will get access to more pupils.

  • 1 Pupil: 0 - 40 Mentor Points
  • 2 Pupils: 41 - 100 Mentor Points
  • 3 Pupils: 101+ Mentor Points

You can gain points as your pupils level up:

You get:

  • 1 point once the Pupil is lvl 50.
  • 2 point once the Pupil is lvl 121.
  • 2 point once the Pupil is lvl 150.
  • 5 points when the Pupil is lvl 190.

If you are a pupil yourself you will gain the above points as well

When your pupil reaches level 190 they will automatically stop being your pupil and you will have to find a new pupil.

If a players break the Mentor-Pupil bond, they will lose 5 points.

If the Pupil breaks the bond, he or she will lose the points. The points of the Mentor remains. If the Mentor break the bond, he or she will lose the points and not the Pupil.

It is possible if a player breaks the bond they will go into negative points. if this happens you must wait for the points to become positive again (around 5 mins). If a Mentor has negative number with the points, then he or she cannot accept another Pupil until the points are at 0 again.

You may break the bond in the Messenger window by right click the pupil/mentor.

The messenger window will show you if your Mentor/pupil is online, what channel and how many points you have. It can not be used to message the Mentor/Pupil.



There is a 3 tier reward system based on how many of your pupils are online. For the rewards to be active your mentor/pupil must be online in the same channel as you.

As a Mentor you will receive ONE of the following rewards dependent on how many pupils you have online:

  • 1 Pupil Online: +10% PVE DMG
  • 2 Pupils Online: +20% PVE DMG
  • 3 Pupils Online: +20% PVE DMG and +1 Giftbox

As a Pupil you will receive the following buff: Mentor Online: +10% PVE DMG

The buff will stay active as long as you and your mentor/pupil(s) are online in the same channel.