Rainbow Race

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The Rainbow Race Officer on her pedestal

The Rainbow Race is an event that occurs three times a week, happening every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. During the race, players must travel across the continents to complete 7 mini-games in random order. Each mini-game will be provided by Rainbow Race Spirits NPCs (with designated color) scattered all over the world of Madrigal.


To participate in the Rainbow Race the player must be on the 1st channel (Insane/Siege [Non-PK]) and has to interact with the Rainbow Race Officer NPC located near the Post Box in Darken in Darkon during one of the sign-up timeframes. Additionally the player must have 10,000,000 Penya(sign-up fee) and any flying vehicle in their inventory. Disconnectingfrom the channel during the race-timeframe, intentionally or not, will result in being disqualified.

Once the race has begun, an icon will appear at the bottom of the navigator. The player can check status and details of the race by clicking said icon. The highlighted mini-game is where the player has to start. After finishing all mini-games the player must return to the Rainbow Race Officer NPC in Darken, proving they finished all mini-games.

Time & Schedule

The Rainbow Race event occurs on the 1st channel(Siege/Normal[Non-Pk]), all times are GMT+1.

Day Registration Preparation Time Race timeframe
Tuesday 03:30 - 03:50 04:00 - 04:15 04:15 - 05:45
Thursday 09:30 - 09:50 22:00 - 22:15 22:15 - 23:45
Saturday 12:00 - 12:20 12:30 - 12:45 12:45 - 14:15


  1. All players that successfully applied during the sign-up timeframe and are currently online will be admitted into the race
  2. There are 7 mini-games that must be completed and they are given to each player in a random order
  3. After the player completes all of the mini-games they must return to the Rainbow Race Officer in Darken to confirm completition of the race
  4. During the Rainbow Race, some skills and items will be unavailable to prevent abuse, including but not limited to
  • Azria & Coral Ticket
  • Blinkwings
  • Private Shop (menu -> Private Shop)
  • Manual Teleport
  • Return to Origins (Seraph Skill)

Mini games

  1. Rock-Paper-Scissors [Red]
    Goal: Win 3 consecutive rounds of Kawi Bawi Boo.
    Tips: You can start with a Paper, it has a high percentage of winning base on my experience.
  2. Lucky Roller [Orange]
    Goal: Roll the dice until the total equals the NPCs roll.
    Tips: You need luck.
  3. Anything but Math [Yellow]
    Goal: Solve 5 consecutive math equations.
    Tips: Prepare a calculator.
  4. Stopwatch [Green]
    Goal: Press the stop button within 0.03 seconds of the time given by NPC.
    Tips: Just keep on trying.
  5. Typo [Blue]
    Goal: Type the exact letters and numbers given by the NPC.
    Tips: Type your answer on a notepad, then, copy and paste - if you got the wrong answer, edit the letter you think is wrong; especially - j / i / g / q / y / v
  6. Concentration [Indigo]
    Goal: Match all the Masquerpets to win.
    Tips: Just try to remember the images.
  7. Drop the Ball [Violet]
    Goal: Predict the winning hole.
    Tips: Start at the right corner, then go to the middle, then, left corner.


There are rewards for completing a certain amount of minigames and rewards for finishing the entire race.

Mini-games completed Reward
4 5,000 Red Chips
5 x3 Rainbow Box
6 x4 Rainbow Box
7 x5 Rainbow Box
Ranking Reward
1st 50% of total application fees, 25x Event Chip
2nd 24% of total application fees, 20x Event Chip
3rd 12% of total application fees, 15x Event Chip
4th 6% of total application fees, 10x Event Chip
5th 3% of total application fees, 5x Event Chip
6th 1.5% of total application fees, 3x Rainbow Box
7th 0.75% of total application fees, 2x Rainbow Box
8th 0.375% of total application fees, 2x Rainbow Box
9th 0.1875% of total application fees, 1x Rainbow Box
10th 0.09375% of total application fees, 1x Rainbow Box