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Azria Dungeon

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Come discover the beautiful frigid isle that is Azria. This lovely area offers you penya, Red Chips, and Dragon Tooth. To enter here one must have an Azria Blinkwing. They can be found at any Buff Pang.

Long before man recorded time, there existed a land as cold as the heart of Iblis. This land was covered in ice and snow. Before the great war of the Hero's all access to this land was lost. Its memory having not been recorded, the knowledge of its existence was lost. A new land has been discovered in the world of Madrigal. Azria the great land of ice. Monsters in Azria are level 225. Some monsters in Azria are non aggressive and the spawns are big, good for 1vs1 and AoE.

Azria is seen as its own continent.

Dungeon Particularities

Some Masquerpets are aggravated. This is not an Instance Dungeon so other players will be present.

Monsters Present

This dungeon is for level 225 Masquerpets.
This is a regular dungeon so masquerpets hit a little bit harder here then on normal map.