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Here are a list of events that happen at different times through the year. They do not include Holiday Events or GM Events.

  • 50% EXP And Penya Weekend Event

-Gain an additional 50% experience and penya drops this weekend!

  • Cheeky Monkey Event

-Take the quest from the Mayor of Flarine and go out into the world to hunt Cheeky Monkeys to get rewarded with Golden Bananas (when eaten will grant +25% Penya drops for 2 hours)

  • 0100110100110100010001110011000101000011 Event

-Magical Loot Crates will have a chance to drop from all monsters!

  • UAS Prowling Beasty Event

-Find and hunt (Event)Prowling Beasty for a chance to find some UAS!

  • Its a Secret Event

-Different type of Cameleon Warriors will spawn and will drop a variety of items

  • Kirby Hunter Event

-Kirby will spawn these have increased EXP rewards then other mobs

  • Pocket Pangs On-Strike

-Special (Event)Rioting Pang mobs will spawn which have a chance to drop Pocket Pangs