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HALLOWEEN / Rules Reminder
You are allowed to:

  • Farm everywhere in the map
  • Have an alt to follow you to pick up the loot
  • Farm as much as you like
  • Use tools to heal yourself with an alt (DEFENSIVE Skills)

You are NOT allowed to:

  • AFK Farm [both with and without third party software]
  • Use software or mechanical application to spam an OFFENSIVE skill to kill/farm mobs [AFK or NOT]
  • Steal other players' loots
  • Kill steal mobs/bosses from other players
  • Go AFK within the farming area while leaving your pick-up pets on

There are no set lanes or areas that belong to someone. This a communal thing that you may use among each other, but staff will not enforce this.

Please report any players you think are breaking these rules! PM a GM directly, with IGN and channel. All reports will remain anonymous.

A small addition to the rules of The Use of Macros/Third-party Software & AFK Farming for clarity regarding FTools; [You may NOT use FTools to spam and/or AFK use OFFENSIVE skills, thus; healing is okay.]