Mutant Bang

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Mutant Bang

The King of the Mutant Bangs is a large blue creature with bright yellow stripes, a dome-shaped head and weaponry for hands. He is large; much larger than any other Bang you may have encountered before, and will be the most dangerous monster to encounter for a less-experienced adventurer in the Mars Mine Dungeon.

Locating Mutant Bang

Mutant Bang

The Mutant Bangs can be found in the Mars Mine Dungeon in Northern Flaris. They can be found mainly in the Northeastern corner of the dungeon.

note: Dungeon Masquerpets are known to bug. They may appear anywhere in dungeon. Locations on navigators are their *normal* spawn area's.

Mutant Bang Statistics

Name lvl Ele
Mutant Bang 200 File:Earth.gif
Mutant Boss Bang 200 File:Electric.gif
Mutant Giant Bang King 229 File:Earth.gif


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