Mutant Fefern

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Mutant Fefern

Mutant Feferns are the first taste of dungeon monster for the young travailer. These large caniable flowers will hinder your progression through the dungeon with their rooting spell.

Locating Mutant Fefern

Mutant Fefern

Mutant Feferns can be found in the Mars Mine Dungeon in Northern Flaris. Mainly it can be seen in the Northwestern corner of the dungeon.

note: Dungeon Masquerpets are known to bug. They may appear anywhere in dungeon. Locations on navigators are their *normal* spawn area's.

Mutant Fefern Statistics

Name lvl Ele
Mutant Fefern 200 File:Water.gif
Mutant Fefern King 200 File:Earth.gif
Mutant Giant 2nd Class Fefern 225 File:Water.gif


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