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Accessing the Game

Login Screen

After running the patcher, click the "Play" button. This will open up the GameGuard patcher. It helps prevent things such as hacking, cheating, and so on. This screen will take a variable amount of time to get past, depending on connection speed. (Once it downloads the first time, until it is updated again, its load time decreases significantly.)

The login screen allows you to access your account (and their associated characters) and the game itself.

  • The account field is where the name, selected at registry, is put. This is also e-mailed to the e-mail provided in the registration.
  • The password field is the password, chosen by the user. There are no automated passwords. Make sure to write the password down, it is not e-mailed in the verification e-mail.

It is very important to make sure the account is activated, or upon logging in, it will claim it does not exist.

Login logs you into the game.

Quit closes the game client completely.

Clusters and Channels

Once you log-in, you'll be taken to the Select Server window. Here, you will find a list of available Clusters (or Worlds) that are available for play. In this case, just one Cluster is available. Once a cluster is chosen, a channel can be chosen. Currently there is only one channel that allows world PvP, and it's marked with (PK) after the channel name.

Channels however, can be switched as frequently as the player wants. When switching, all items remain where they were, there are no penalties.

Once a Cluster and Channel are chosen, hit the Next button to continue.

Character Creation

Upon logging in, for the first time, there will be three open slots for brand-new characters. Just click on one of the slots and then click "Create" to begin personalizing your very own character.
The character creation window is very simple. Just follow these four simple steps:
  1. Give the character a name. If you are curious if something isn't allowed, or why a name isn't capable of being selected, view the list of Forbidden Names. Names are also case-sensitive.
  2. Select a gender for your character.
  3. Select the hair style. There are several default hair styles that are allowed, but then can be changed in game. You can change the color and the styles in game.
  4. Give your character a face. There are a few faces, all different. These can be changed in the game as well.
After you click Ok, it will return you to your account window, where it will show your newly created character. This character will always be in the selected slot.
To start playing, click on a character and click the Accept button. This will open the pin window. The order of the numbers are random. Enter the bank pin you used in Character Creation Window. It will log that character onto the game.
To Delete Your Character- At the character selection window, select the character that you wish to delete and press Delete. While characters can be restored, their banks will be cleared. Please do not delete characters just to ask them to be restored.

First Step into the MMORPG World

The first time a character logs on, it will be asked if it wants to follow the guide. The guide is a small penguin in the corner of the screen. This penguin, named Pang, helps teach players how to do things in the game. You can switch off this guide if you wish as everything will be reiterated here, however it is recommended that you keep it for your very first character.

Adjusting Your Options

To access your Options Window, just click on Menu [bottom left] and select Options [2nd from the bottom]

Setting Description Recommendation
Video Option - Field Detail Adjusts how much detail the landscape will have. Low
Video Option - Object Range Adjusts how far away an object will appear on your screen. Low
Video Option - Object Detail Adjusts how much detail the landscape will have. Low
Video Option - Shadow Detail Adjusts how much detail the shadows will have. Low
Video Option - Item Effect A special effect that slightly blurs and lightens the graphics Off
Video Option - BG Effect No Effect as of Right now On or Off
Video Option - Expand Camera Viewpoint Enables to zoom further in or out. Preference
Video Option - Show NPC Name Allows you to view the names of NPCs, including monsters and pets. Checked
Video Option - Display Damage Allows you to see the damage dealt by other players and by monsters to other players. Checked
Video Option - Show My Name Allows you to view your name and HP bar. Checked
Video Option - Show Others Name Allows you to view the names of other characters Checked
Video Option - Weather Enables you to see the weather in Mardrigal Preference
Video Option - Window Mode Brings you out of Full-Screen Mode, and allows you to play MMORPG while viewing other applications. You have to restart MMORPG to activate a change. Preference
Video Option - Camera Fix Fixing the camera causes your view to follow your character as s/he turns. Unchecked
Setting Description Recommendation
Game Option - Trading On Refuse, players attempting to trade you will automatically be rejected. Approve
Game Option - Whispers & Messages On Refuse, players attempting to whisper or private message you will automatically be rejected. Approve
Game Option - Friend Invites On Refuse, players attempting to add you to their messenger list will automatically be rejected. Approve
Game Option - Duel Requests On Refuse, players requests to duel you will be automatically rejected. Read more about PvP and Duels PvP. Further explanations will also follow in this guide. Approve
Game Option - Party Invites On Refuse, players attempting to join you to a party will automatically be rejected. Approve
Game Option - Automatic Attack When turned on, it allows you to attack a monster continuously with two clicks. Further information will be in Combat and the Leveling As A Vagrant section of this guide. On
Game Option - Allow Inventory View On Approve, allows players to view your character's equipment. Preference
Game Option - Message Alarm When turned on, you will be alerted when a player on your messenger comes Online. On
Help Option - Beginner Guide This option when used brings up random tips by [Help] every so often. There are options to change where these tips show up. Checked
Help Option - Info Pang Shows Pang at the bottom right of your screen. Checked
Window Effects - Translucency Makes windows on your screen semi-transparent. Unchecked
Sound Option - BGM Most areas of the MMORPGWorld has its own customized music that will play when you fight. There is also music for flying. Many players highly enjoy the MMORPG BGM's. Preference
Sound Options - Sound Effect All spell and fighting sounds are considered Sound Effect. This also includes sounds made by monsters and your character. Preference
Sound Options - Battle Music Enables to play different background music when battling a mob. This is only effect when the BGM is turned on. Preference
Keyboard Mode - Basic Mode Enables walking backwards when ticked. Preference

Getting Acquainted with the Interface

The interface is very user-friendly. It is comprised of a short-cut bar, messaging box, and various windows that can be toggled with shortcut keys to access game features.

Short-Cut Bar

File:Main hotbar.png
The short-cut bar is split into 4 sections. (View the interface at the right for reference).

  • The section to the left - is a click-bar. You can place equipment, items, and skills into each slot, distinguished by the dot. To equip or use the items, just click on them once.
  • The section in the middle - is your F-key bars. There's a total of 3 bars available, and you can switch between them by pressing ` on your keyboard. Essentially this bar works exactly like the click-bar, however this time your slots are associated with an F-key indicated right above the slot. This means easier access. Many players use these bars for often used items and skills.
  • The section to the right - is your character status. Here you can see your HP, MP and FP.
  • The section to the far right - is your Action Slot. This is used only for skills with no cool-down (further explanation of cool-downs in Leveling as a First-Class). By using the action slot, your skills will be cast in succession faster than their normal casting rate. The maximum amount of skills you can put in it is 6. However, the action slot has a cool-down. The more you use it, the more area becomes greyed out. The greyed out skills cannot be used at all. Thus, usually it is recommended to not have 6 skills in the action slot unless you have an Activition Scroll. Note that you can also place the "S" icon into a a click-slot or F-slot to use the action slot that way. The Action Slot can also be used if you press "C" on the keyboard when you aren't chatting.

Messaging Box

The message box is your primary tool to really interact with players. To use the message box, just press enter and a cursor will appear in the text field. While you can use the message box for various in-game functions, we will just concentrate on communication in this section.

There are essentially 5 available chatting channels. Each channel has its own colored font, and using the filtering options you can choose which channels you wish to view and talk in. To switch between the channels, just click the icons above the typing field. Additionally, you can still input messages into other channels with the use of certain commands (listed below) which you place before your message. While you are in a particular channel the command is automatically inputted for you when you enter into the text field.

  • Chat - This channel is for public chat. With this option open you'll see all the other options too if they occure.
  • Whisper - One of the private ways to communicate with an individual. The command for the whisper channel is /w, to utilize this command just type:
    /w PlayersName YourMessage.
    The font for whispers is yellow
  • Shout - The shout channel expands the range of your message to areas far beyond that of public chat. The command is /s With the use of a Full Shout, you can expand your range to that of the entire server. Many players use channel 1 as a marketplace. The font for shouts is pink
  • Troupe - The troupe channel is where you can contact your party members. The command is /p. You can communicate with your party no matter where they are. You can only use the option if you are in party. If you aren't in a party, you'll get a message that you aren't in one. The font for shouts is green.
  • Guild - The guild channel is where you can contact your Guild members. The command is /g. You need to be in a guild to see and join the guild chat. You can communicate with your guild no matter where they are. The font for shouts is light pink

Chatting Filter

To adjust the filters of any particular channel, just select that channel and press the button Filter at the right side of the box.

  • Chatting Channel - Here, check box the channels that you want to be able to read in this particular channel. Notice that you cannot un-check the original channel that you are adjusting the filter for. (ie. In the Chat channel, you cannot General (or public chat) is greyed out.

Accessing other Game Features/Windows

All game features on MMORPG are accessible via the Start Menu, and most are accessible via Hot Keys. Please view the Hot Key page for information about the windows accessible with this method.
The Menu button is on the bottom left-hand corner of your MMORPG Interface. All items in the listing with a letter on the right hand side are available by Hot Key. We will only be talking about the ones not available by Hot Key in this section.

5 min. teleport for when you are stuck and can not use a blinkwing File:Teleport O menu.png

Moving Around

After you learn to move, you can start learning to fight. Visit the Combat page to learn how to fight against monsters. Killing monsters gives you experience, which allows for leveling

The Geography of the MMORPG World

The city your character first starts in is called Flaris. The large light is called a Lodestar.

Leveling as a Vagrant

The first monsters many people fight are Aibatts. As you level, you can insert points into the Character Stat window. This is accessible by hitting H.

Level 1-15 Guide and Choosing the right class are good guides to look at.

There are many Hot Keys players can use to increase, and monitor game play. Click, or search Hot Keys to view this list.