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Psykeeper Skills
Skill Weapon Level Pre-Skill Type Region of Effect Description
File:Psykeeper Crucio Spell.png Crucio Spell Wands 60 Mental Strike 10
File:Normalskill.gif Self Reflects damage of your attacker making him harm himself if he attacks you and adds Projectile Speed.
File:Psykeeper Demonology.png Demonology Wands 60 None
File:Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Damages the enemy with a mental blast.
File:Psykeeper Psychic Bomb.png Psychic Bomb Wands 60 Mental Strike 10
File:Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Damages the enemy the with a ball of mental energy.
File:Psykeeper Maximum Crisis.png Maximum Crisis Wands 65 Crucio Spell 7
File:Normalskill.gif AOE No target needed Surrounds and damages the enemy in a strong mental barrier.
File:Psykeeper Satanology.png Satanology Wands 65 Demonology 3
File:Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Prevents an enemy from approaching by invoking Slow.
File:Psykeeper Spirit Bomb.png Spirit Bomb Wands 65 Psychic Bomb 6
File:Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Does damage to an enemy based on your remaining MP amount.
File:Psykeeper Psychic Wall.png Psychic Wall Wands 70 Satanology 4
Spirit Bomb 5
File:Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Creates a wall that pushes an enemy back and damages them if they touch it.
File:Psykeeper Psychic Square.png Psychic Square Wands 75 Psychic Wall 7
Maximum Crisis 5
File:Normalskill.gif AOE Target needed Damages the enemies around you with a psychic blast.
Psykeeper Psykeeper Special INT Mastery.png Psykeeper Special INT Mastery Wands 60M None
File:Normalskill.gif Self Increases PvP and PvE Damage for a duration.
File:Psykeeper Stone Feet.png Stone Feet Wands 120H None
File:Normalskill.gif Selected Target only Encases target in stone increasing Pvp Absorb, preventing it from moving by invoking Stun .