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One way to contact the Customer Support Team is to submit a ticket.

You can go directly to the support page and fill out a ticket by going here

Note about page: Every part that has an asterix (*) after the word, is required to be filled in.

Enter your email address*

NOTE: If this is NOT the email address you wish to be contacted at, please enter a new email address in the field above.

Ingame Character Name

Enter the name of a character on the effected account.


Select category:

  • Account Recovery
  • Character Stuck
  • Forgot Bank PIN
  • Forgot Password
  • Forgot Username
  • Game Errors
  • General Inquiry
  • General Inquiry / Report Player
  • General Inquiry / Report a Problem
  • I Got Banned! (Appeal)
  • Patcher Error Message
  • Recover Deleted Character(s)
  • iPoints / Not Received Issues
  • iPoints / Other Issues
  • iPoints / Purchase Issues

Subject: (100 character max)*

Here you can fill in the subject of the issue you are submitting


Here you can fill in information regarding your issue with as much information as possible. The more information you provide the first time, the less we have to ask for later.


Click the box next to 'I am not a robot' and follow what it says.

There is also a Patch and Error Guide, to help with some in-game issues. Many users also resolve issues on discord or by messaging a GM in-game or on discord.