Jewelry Upgrading

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Jewelry Upgrading Tools

Moonstone.gif Moonstone: Used for jewelery upgrading from +1 to +20.

ScrollAprotect.gif Scroll of AProtect: Used to protect your jewelry from breaking if an upgrade fails.

Like Scrolls of SProtect with Armour and Weapons, Scrolls of AProtect are used to prevent Jewelry breakage for upgrades past +3. Any piece of Jewelry (Necklace, Earrings, and Rings) can be upgraded up to +20.

Safe Upgrade option

Newly introduced in V14 update, this quick, easy and safe way to upgrade your jewelery, is a nice edition to upgrading options. Simply select Safe Accessory Upgrade from (Upgrade Specialist) BoBoChan's drop down menu and the upgrading window will open. First add your item for upgrading into the appropriate slot, then select the level desired. (If you want max level do not change the number.) Then to add upgrading materials simply double click for 1 at a time entry or press "Shift" button and double click for auto fill. This option will fill all 10 slots at once.

Upgrade jewelery DO.jpg Upgrade jewelery Run.jpg

Note the if you do not have enough Scroll of AProtect the system will stop when you run out of Scroll of AProtect. System will not attempt upgrade without scroll present.

How-to Old Style

Just like Armor Upgrading, Jewelry Upgrading is much the same.

  • Make sure the piece of jewelry and the moonstone you wish to upgrade with, are in your inventory.
  • If using a Scroll of AProtect, be sure to activate it by double-clicking it before attempting an upgrade. Make sure the AProtect Scroll icon has appeared on your screen.
  • Double-click on the Moonstone in your inventory, then click on the piece of jewelry you're upgrading.
  • Lights will appear over your head, and after a few seconds, a message will appear on your screen telling of the success, or failure, of the upgrade.