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Traseia Dungeon

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Come discover the beautiful Isles that are Traseia.
Once a piece of Roika that was torn asunder by Shade during the War of the Gods, this grouping of islands has drifted aimlessly through time. The fiercest of Shades minions, the Terrorpin Tribe, invaded this land at Her command long before the conclusion of the War. The Terrorpins had no trouble establishing dominance over the peaceful inhabitants of this land.
The rabbit-like natives were not accustomed to war and were caught largely unaware and completely unprepared for the invasion on their home front. Only the strongest and most brave of the rabbit natives remain, and even then, they are only able to carve out one small isle for their own. Tempered by their experience, the Sakai are no longer welcoming visitors with open arms.
The Terrorpin Tribe, is now led by their gigantic chieftain Guan Yu Heavyblade. He rules atop the largest floating isle in his arena waiting for a challenge to his crown.
By chance or fate, Traseia has drifted near to Madrigal and adventurers are already planning ways to discover its lost treasures.

Traseia is seen as its own continent.

Dungeon Particularities

Some Masquerpets are aggravated. This is not an Instance Dungeon so other players will be present.

Monsters Present

This dungeon is for level Masquerpets.
This is a regular dungeon so masquerpets hit a little bit harder here then on normal map.