Buff Pang

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What can I do at the Buff Pang?

Buff Pang
Buff Pang.png
  • You can buff yourself with assist buffs
  • Teleport
  • Change glow color
  • Change name color
  • Transmute a item look
  • Transfer awakenings
  • Buy blinkwings and tickets

Where can I find the Buff Pang?

You can find the Buff Pang in any madrigal town like: Flaris, Saint Morning, Darkon, etc...

Which buffs does the Buff Pang give?

Buff Pang Buffs
Buff Name Icon Effect Duration
Critical Assist Critical.png Citical Chance +18% 2 hours
Health Assist Heal.png Inceased HP +10% 2 hours
Heap Up Assist Heap Up.png STA +40 2 hours
Cannon Ball Assist Cannon Ball.png DEX +20 2 hours
Mental Sign Assist Mental Sign.png INT+20, Decreased Casting Time +20% 2 hours
Beef Up Assist Beef Up.png STR +20, ADOCH +15% 2 hours
Quick Step Assist Quick Step.png Speed +40%, Attack Speed +25% 2 hours
EXP Assist EXP.png EXP +3% 2 hours
Accuracy Assist Accuracy.png Hit +20% 2 hours