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Getting Started

Collecting is a method of obtaining useful items such as Consumables, Treasure Chest Keys, Pocket Pangs, Revert Transmutation Scrolls, and more. It's a source of income that you can utilize while you're away from the game if you leave it running.

In order to collect, a character must reach level 151 then wield a Collector which can be purchased at the NPC (Collecting Manager) Collins near any of the 3 fields found in Flaris, Saint Morning, or Darkon. In order for the Collector to work, you will need to activate a Battery while holding it. Batteries power the collectors, but they deplete over time. Basic batteries can also be purchased at Collins, and you may receive upgraded and longer lasting versions of them from collecting over time.

Collecting Pieces

The items that you can get via collecting will mostly come in "Pieces." Certain numbers of each piece will combine to form items, which will be listed lower. Pieces are NOT trade-able. Some items ARE. Details will be found below the piece list. This list is in order from easiest to obtain, to most difficult to obtain.

Meat Skewer
Orange Juice
Dragon Tooth
Bronze Key Box
Remantis Laccotte (small)
Shining Oricalkum Piece
A Junk Piece
Scroll Of Rainbow
Scroll Of Name Color
Consumable Box
Fun Weapon Box Piece
Cloud Box
Pocket Pang Piece
Silver Key Box
Revert Transmutation Scroll Piece
Old Weapon Box Piece
Random Rune Box Piece
Silver Battery
PvP Grunt Pack Piece
Bronze Weapon Box Piece
Gold Key Box
Gold Battery
Silver Weapon Box Piece
Volcano Card(10%) Piece
Lightning Card(10%) Piece
Ocean Card(10%) Piece
Vacuum Card(10%) Piece
Water Card S Piece
Fire Card S Piece
Electric Card S Piece
Land Card S Piece
Wind Card S Piece
Gold Weapon Box Piece
UAS Collecting Box Piece

Item Info

UAS Collecting Box - Contains a random amount of UAS between 1 and 15(Non-Tradable)
Old Weapon Box - Contains 1 random Old Weapon (Tradable)
Bronze Weapon Box - Contains 1 random Bronze Weapon (Tradable)
Silver Weapon Box - Contains 1 random Silver Weapon (Tradable)
Gold Weapon Box - Contains 1 random Gold Weapon (Tradable)
S Cards - (Tradable)
10% Cards - (Tradable)
Bronze Key Box - Contains 1 random Bronze Key (Tradable)
Silver Key Box - Contains 1 random Silver Key (Tradable)
Gold Key Box - Contains 1 random Gold Key (Tradable)
PvP Grunt Pack - Contains 10 Rage Scrolls, 10 of each Legendary potions and 10 Speedy Gonzales Potions. (Tradable)
Random Rune Box - Contains a random IP Rune(Non-Tradable)
Pocket Pang - Allows you to spawn a pang- This pang will stay spawned for 5mins and will grant you all buffs and has a bank. (Tradable)
Pocket Pang Box[Event] - Contains 3 Pocket Pangs(Non-Tradable)
Cloud Box - Contains a random Cotton Candy or flying cloud (Bar the rainbow one) (Tradable)
Fun Weapon Box - Contains a random fun weapon from a selection of 10 fun weapons and 10 key blades (Tradable)
Consumable Box - Conatins a random consumable from a selection of 16 (Tradable, but contents are not)

To use minimal CPU:

For collecting, pupils, etc.

1.) Play in the smallest windowed mode (800x600)
2.) Turn off in MMORPG options:
• Weather
• Item Effect
• Background Effect
• Other player's names
• Game Windows (press * on numpad if that's an option)
3.) On the characters you aren't using, zoom in to the ground with Scroll Lock (or just use mouse wheel).
4.) On your Task Bar (where the time shows) Right Click the Speaker icon, choose "Playback Devices" and Disable your Speakers by right clicking. (This will turn off ALL sound to the device and your clients will launch slower, but will take less CPU.)