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A character can propose to another character of the same or opposite gender.

A "Propose" action is in the Motion window, Hot Key "O". To propose, Target the character you want to become a couple with and use the Propose action.

Proposing to Being Proposed to

  • The character you propose to must be single.
  • There is no level limit or restriction for couples. Characters of any level may propose to any other character.
  • The Propose action can only be used once every 24 hours.

Please Note: If you change gender by using Transies, the couple will remain intact.

To access information about your couple, open the Couple Window by pressing Hot Key "F". The Couple window contains information such as who you are coupled with, level and class of your partner as well as couple level and EXP. It also contains information about the couple skills.

Couples Window

Couples can break up by pressing the "Break Up" button in the Couple window Hot Key "F".

Break Up

As long as the two characters play the game in the same channel, they will gain couple EXP. When they gain enough, their couple level increases (up to a maximum of 21). At certain couple levels, the characters will receive unique couple skills. In addition to such exclusive bonuses, both players will receive special gifts that are awarded to them by mail. If one or both players log out, they will stop gaining Couple EXP until both log back into the same channel.

  • It takes about 1.5 hours for a couple to achieve the maximum couple level 21.

Couple Skills

The Couple skills are automatically acquired after reaching certain Couple levels. Acquired skills will be automatically activated when connected with partner in the same channel.

Couple Skill
icon Name
Power of Love.png Power of Love
Blessing of Love.png Blessing of Love
Miracle of Love.png Miracle of Love

  • Breaking up with a partner will reset the couple skill to level 0.

Couple Rewards

The Couple Rewards are mailed to both characters upon reaching the required level. The Rewards are event items and so can not be traded or sold.

Please Note:

  • Both members of the couple will receive each of the items.
  • At couple level 21, each member of the couple will receive the Couple Wedding Gift that matches their gender at the time of the couple level reaching 21. Example: if both members of the couple are females at the time of reaching couple level 21 - They will each receive the Couple Wedding Gift (F).

Event Reward
Couple level Item Quantity Total time required
icon Name
1 - N/A - -
2 - N/A - 4 min
3 - N/A - 6 min 30 sec
4 - N/A - 7 min 50 sec
5 - N/A - 10 min 20 sec
6 - N/A - 13 min
7 - N/A - 15 min 35 sec
8 - N/A - 18 min 10 sec
9 - N/A - 20 min 50 sec
10 - N/A - 23 min 25 sec
11 - N/A - 26 min
12 - N/A - 31 min 10 sec
13 - N/A - 36 min 25 sec
14 - N/A - 41 min 35 sec
15 - N/A - 46 min 50 sec
16 - N/A - 52 min
17 - N/A - 57 min 15 sec
18 - N/A - 65 min
19 InsanityFlyFF Balloon 1 72 min 50 sec
20 Cupid Wings 1 80 min 40 sec
21 Couple Wedding Gift (M) 1 90 min
Couple Wedding Gift (F) 1 90 min

  • In addition, when couple level 21 is reached you will achieve the [Great Couple] Title which can be accessed from pressing Hot Key "H" in the "Fame/Master" Tab.