Crystal Upgrading

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Crystal Upgrading Process

Level 300 weapons and armor may be converted to crystal. Once crystal, you will get bonuses on top of the normal effects from upgrading, but you start over with normal +0 effects.

Upgrade Tools

CTS.png Crystal Transformation Stone: Used for transforming your +20 weapon or +10 item into crystal +0.

CES.png Crystal Enchant Stone: Used to upgrading your crystal items.

CESS.png Crystal Enchant Success Scroll: Increases your chance of the upgrade being a success.

These 3 items can be farmed in the Crystal Cove, which can be accessed from a portal located in the town of Flaris, Saint Morning, and Darkon. There is a Crystal Upgrader NPC next to these portals.

Normal monsters drop Crystal Transformation Stone & Crystal Enchant Stone, while the final boss Crystal Meteonyker drops the Crystal Enchant Success Scroll.

Crystal Transformation

This quick, easy and safe way to upgrade your equipment, is a nice edition to upgrading options. This upgrade tool may be used for Armor, Weapons and Shields. Simply select Crystal Upgrade from Crystal Upgrader's drop down menu and the converting window will open. First add your item for converting into the appropriate slot and add the Crystal Transformation Stone to its spot. Click 'OK' and repeat as needed until it converts into crystal+0. Note- the window will close when it successfully converts.

Crystal Transform.png

Crystal Upgrading

Once it is crystal, you can begin upgrading it. Simply select Safe Upgrade from Crystal Upgrader's drop down menu and the upgrading window will open. First add your item for upgrading into the appropriate slot, then select the level desired. Then to add upgrading materials simply double click for 1 at a time entry or press "Shift" button and double click for auto fill. This option will fill all 10 slots at once. Crystal upgrading is different than normal upgrading. Crystal upgrading has 'safe upgrading levels' that your items will not go below when it fails. The 'safe upgrading levels' are at +4, +8, +12, and +16. There is no need to worry from +0 to +4, as a fail will not lower the upgrade at all. However, when upgrading between the safe levels, if you fail the upgrade, it will go down to the closest safe level. For example, if your item is +7 and it fails to get +8, it will become +4 again. The same thing happens if you are at +19 and fail to get +20. The item becomes +16 again.

Crystal Upgrading.png

There are two main methods of crystal upgrading. They are either going all out and using CESS for every upgrade chance after +4, or only using them for part of the upgrade process. You can use them for part of the process if you use CES to get it to the safe level+2 upgrades and then use CESS from there. For example, using CES to get from +8 to +10 and then using CESS from +10 to +12.

Upgrading Old Style


Follow these directions to upgrade without the NPC.

  • Make sure the item that is being upgraded is not in use.
  • (This step is recommended but not necessary).If you wish to use a Crystal Enchant Success Scroll to improve your chances at an upgrade, use it. You will first need to activate the CESS before doing the upgrade. So Double-click on the CESS.
  • Double-click on the Crystal Enchant Stone.
  • Click on the piece of armor that you wish to upgrade.
  • In your inventory, after you click on it, it will show the item as flashing with green lines. This shows that you are upgrading this piece of armor.
  • After waiting a couple of seconds, it will tell you if the process was a success or a failure. (Failure can lead to your item going back down to the closest safe level, unless it is already at one.)


Weapon/Main Hand Weapon Weapon.png

Shield/Off Hand Weapon/Set
Note- Your off-hand weapon will have the same bonuses as a shield will have once you equip it. So upgrading it above +10 is not required as it will not gain any other bonuses.