Guild Housing System

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Guild Housing System Guide:

Introduction: Guild Housing is a Place you can hangout with your Guild Members and earn various effects that gives you and your entire Guild a boost of stats , all from Pve% to GiftBox+1 via Furniture Placement
(higher quality of furniture gives better effects and only a limited type of furniture stack , fun part is you can place your Furniture in Various Settings and you can Move or Rotate them Using Mouse Scroll)

Entry and Purchasing Guild House / Maintenance:

Entry and Exit
[Guild House Manager] Bertha
is Located in Central Flarine Next to the Item Boxer NPC right side of Arena Manager NPC
Purchasing and Maintenance
(you can Purchase your very own Guild House , provided your Guild Level is atleast Lv3 and has minimum of 15 Members)
a minimum of 20perin or 2,000,000,000penya is Required to Purchase your Guild House (this includes a full coverage of default maintenance fee for 24hours)
Guild Purchase.png
Maintenance Fee
a minimum of 3 perin or 300,000,000 Penya is required for Maintenance of your Guild House and lasts for 24 hours
Pay Fee.png

Furniture and Furniture Types:

How to Obtain Furniture
There are ways to Obtain Furniture , the better the Quality the better the Effect Given •IKEA Box and Dark Traseia
Dark Traseia
You Can get IKEA Box in the new Dark Traseia Dungeon , awesome furniture stats and aswel as the Newly Added Skeleton Weapon Transmutes from the World Boss Iblis's Perpetrator
IKEA Box Chance Box
IKEA Box.png

  • Remantis upto 3
  • Remantis (Small) upto 3
  • Blue Chips upto 15
  • Red Chips upto 15
  • Monster Hunter Tokens upto 40
  • All Treasure Chests
  • Sentinel Mask
  • Twilight Mask
  • Dreamweaver Mask
  • White Turtle Shield (New and exclusive to this box)
  • Green Turtle Shield (New and exclusive to this box)
  • Blue Turtle Shield (New and exclusive to this box)
  • Gold Pegasus Pet (New and exclusive to this box)
  • Both Guild House Crystals
  • All Plush Guild House Furniture Pieces
  • All Elegant Guild House Furniture Pieces

You Can Also Obtain Common and Wooden Furniture From the [Chitos the Rewarder Shop] Monster Hunter Token (MHT) NPC
NPC Packs.png

Furniture Effects and Furniture Type Limit:

Common and Wooden Furniture Effects
Common Effects.png
Plush and Elegant Furniture Effects
Plush Effects.png
Limit Types at a Time
End Table
2x Chair
Bath Tub
Exp Crystal
GiftBox Crystal
Dressing Table

GuildHousing Room Remote Access:

when inside the Guild House , you will see the Guild House GUI Window in the Top Left
this is the remote access window which you or members given with permission can change and customize parts of the guild system aswel as see the Maintenance Fee Duration
Guild House GUI
Set Permission
Furniture Storage
Furniture Storage.png
Guild Storage / Guild Bank
Guild Bank.png
(currently in the works)
FeeDeposit remote access to MaintenanceFee
Maint Fee.png
Guild House NPC Sellia
inside the Guild House , you may have noticed the [GuildHouse]Sellia NPC
Guild House NPC.png
anything bought via the Sellia NPC has No Tax , this Tax system is under the works and is directly affected by Secret Room , as ive been told :3

Setting and Guild Room Customization:

you can only Set and Place Furniture in Channel 1
Furniture Storage
Guild Furniture Storage Key [R](you can access this from inside and outside the Guild House Room to check the current furniture effects your Guild has)
Furniture Installation
You can only Install Furniture in Channel 1 , you can adjust or Rotate the Furniture Orientation via Scroll Mouse Button.
You cannot overlap the Furniture or put one uptop of the other

Furniture Moving you can move the installed furniture to your liking using the [R] Button and clicking the Install/Remove Button