Guild Siege

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General Details


  • Guild Siege is held twice a day at 06:00 AM​​ & 0​​7:00 PM​​ Servertime. (CET)
  • Only 8 Guilds will be allowed to participate.
  • Only 10 members from the same guild will be allowed in the arena at one time.
  • Each player is allowed 12 lives (or 11 deaths).
  • Fighting style is free-for-all where anything goes.


All times are in CET (Central Europe Time)

(Frankie // North-Flarine)

Activity Main Siege Morning Siege
Daily Schedule 07:00PM 06:00AM
Bidding for Entry 07:58 PM - 05:59 AM 06:58 AM - 06:69 PM
30 Minute Buffer 06:30 PM 05:30 AM
Line-Up Creation 07:00 PM - 07:10 PM 06:00 AM - 06:10 AM
Entering Guild Siege Area 07:10 PM - 07:18 PM 06:10 AM - 06:18 AM
Preparation 07:17 PM - 07:18 PM 06:17 AM - 06:18 AM
Guild Siege 07:18 PM - 07:58 PM 06:18 AM - 06:58 AM


- The winning guild(s) win an amount Soul Fragments, depending on the amount of participating guilds

Winning guild receives Soul Fragments instantly in their inventory aswel as each participant of the winning guild receives 1,500 Soul Fragments via Mail Box. The winning guild receives the Crown for 13 hours:

Note: Make sure you have enough free space in your guild warehouse for rewards before entering the Guild Siege!

- The Second place guild participants receive XX Soul Fragments per point.

- The Third place guild participants receive XX Soul Fragments per point.

- When a Guild wins three times in a row they will receive 10 Siege Cloak Box. and 1 Siege Cloak Box per each person Lined Up via Mail box. This box contains:

  • Blue Siege Cloak
  • Blood Red Siege Cloak
  • Silver Siege Cloak
  • Purple Siege Cloak
  • Pink Siege Cloak
  • Lime Green Siege Cloak
  • Green Siege Cloak
  • Cloak of Low Accord
  • Cloak of Low Quick
  • Cloak of Low Strong
  • Cloak of Low Wisdom

Entering Guild Siege


Guild Level: 20
Minimum Entrance Bid: 500,000,000 Penya
Maximum Entrance Bid: 2,147,483,647 Penya
Maximum Number of Team Numbers: 8
Minimum Number of Participating Guilds: 3

How to Apply:

Frankie @ North-Flarine
  • You must be the Guild Leader or King Pin of your guild, and your guild must satisfy the above requirements.
  • Registration/Bidding for Guild Siege occurs at the NPC (GuildWar Manager) Frankie (North-Flarine)
  • Choose the "Apply" Option.

Application Screen
  • The pop-up screen allows you to apply for Guild Siege.
  • "Current Application" - 50,000,000 Penya is needed to participate in any guild siege
  • "Siege Chip info" -describes the conditions for siege chips, the new reward for playing an active role in a guild siege.

Making Your Team

Line-Up Window
  • When applying finishes and the 8 guilds are established, it is time to make your line-up.
  • You will have exactly 10 minutes (7:00 - 7:10PM & 6:00 - 6:10AM CET)
  • You are required to have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 members.
  • Note that all members must be on server 2 to be entered into the line-up.
  • If they disconnect while setting up the line up, they will be stricken from the list and the list will have to be remade to include them again.
  • Use the arrows to move highlighted eligible members from the left window to the participant window on the right.
  • The first 5 in the line-up will be teleported into the arena at the beginning of the siege.
  • Highlight a member from the participant list and press "Defender" in order to select them as your defender.
  • Use the up and down arrows on the right to change the position of a member in the participant line-up
  • To remake your line-up (even if you have pressed Finish), just use the Reset button.
  • Once you finish your line-up, press Finish to finalize it.

The Actual Fight

The Arena
  • When it is time to enter the Arena, Frankie will announce it.
  • At this point all members have 7 minutes to warp to Frankie and join.
  • All members and spectators enter the area by selecting Join.
  • Note that all buffs and parties are removed for participants while warping in.
  • Once inside, you will not be allowed to speak to or even see the spectators.
  • You are given 1 minute to be buffed.
  • After the first 5 is warped in, fighters will be warped in via the order given in the Line-Up.

Arena Navigator
  • When you're about to be warped in, you will be given 10 seconds to select your warp point. (1-4)
  • To the left you'll notice that the number of each warp point is indicated.
  • Fight your hardest because here anything goes.
  • If you disconnect during the fight it is possible to re-enter if your lives allow this.

The Point System

  • Every kill earns a player 2 basic points.
  • If a player is on his/her last life, they will obtain 1 point extra for every kill.
  • Every resurrect left of a player adds 1 point to the guild's total point.
  • The cumulative points obtained by each player plus the bonus resurrection points is the guild's total score.
  • The guild with the highest score wins the siege.
  • The player with the most points wins MVP.