Mentor & Pupil System

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The Mentor/Pupil system provides extra stats catered towards PvE. To obtain these stats, a player needs to either complete the quest to become a Mentor by visiting the (Quest Office) Insanity's Treasure Box of Quests NPC located in each town, or become the pupil of a Mentor with enough points to get the bonuses.


A Mentor acquires Points by forming a bond with a low level character and having the lower leveled character level up. You must be level 200+ to take the quest.

A mentor can have a maximum of 3 Pupils at any one time. To begin with a mentor can only have 1 pupil but when you gain more points you will get access to more pupils.

[*]1 Pupil: 0 - 40 Mentor Points
[*]2 Pupils: 41 - 100 Mentor Points
[*]3 Pupils: 101+ Mentor Points

When you have a pupil or mentor online, you receive 10%PvE for one, and 20% for 2 or more.


A Pupil must be below level 150 to accept the request for a bond. The bond will break when Pupil reaches level 190.

Getting Points

You gain points as your pupils level up:
You get:
[*]3 point once the Pupil is lvl 50.
[*]6 point once the Pupil is lvl 100.
[*]6 point once the Pupil is lvl 100M.
[*]6 point once the Pupil is lvl 150.
[*]15 points when the Pupil is lvl 190 and breaks the bond.

If you are a Pupil, you will gain the above points as well.

Breaking the Bond

You may break the Bond in the Messenger window by right click the Pupil/Mentor. If a players break the Mentor/Pupil bond, they will lose 5 Points. If the Pupil breaks the bond, he or she will lose the Points. The Points of the Mentor remains. If the Mentor break the bond, he or she will lose the Points and not the Pupil.

It is possible if a player breaks the Bond they will go into negative Points. if this happens you must wait for the Points to become positive again (you recover 1 point back every 30mins). If a Mentor has negative number of Points, then he or she cannot accept another Pupil until the Points are at 0 again.