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Need to Sell items at a price that you want but don't know if anyone wants it?, need to get rid of those items that you no-longer want? or you don't trust trading, THEN set up a Private Shop !!!

How to open a Private Shop

To open a Private shop, go to the "Start" menu and locate the "Private Shop" option from the menu. You can also drag the Private Shop icon Private Shop Icon.jpg onto your quick slots (The bar at the bottom of your screen) for quick access to it later. All you have to do next time is to click on the icon in your quick slots to open a private shop.

Select "Private Shop" from the menu.

This will bring up the empty private shop window. To place items into your private shop, drag the item from your inventory into the slots in the private shop window.

Drag items from your inventory to the private shop window.

This will bring up the "Sell Item Registration" window, where you can set the Quantity of the items that you are selling and the Unit Price.

Enter the quantity and unit price.

  • Please NOTE: You are setting the price for a single unit, in the "unit price", NOT the price for a stack of items.

If you make a mistake in setting an item into the private shop window, you can right-click the item icon in the private shop window to reset that item, this will send the item back into your inventory ready for you to set into the shop again. Alternatively, press the "Reset" button at the top of the private shop window to reset the entire shop (shown in the Red box in the image below).

Enter the name of your shop.

Once you have set the items into your private shop, its time to name your shop. To name your shop, enter the name in the "Shop Name" field (shown in the Blue box in the image above). When naming your private shop, it is advised that you give the shop an appropriate name, for example: if your are selling pet feed, a good shop name would be "PET FEED!".

Press "Ok" to finish the setting up of your shop. This will bring up a Message Box, press "Ok" to open your shop.

Final confirmation to open Shop.

How to buy from a Private Shop

To buy from a private shop, double click on the player hosting the shop. This will open the shop window. Then drag the item icon into your inventory or you can double click on the item icon, this will bring up the "Buy Item" window where you can select the amount you wish to purchase. Then complete the purchase by clicking on ok.

"Buy Item" window.

Other Private Shop Features

  • Chatting Dialog: You can interact with the player hosting the shop by typing in messages in the Dialog.
Chat in Private Shop.

  • Chatting Information: For players hosting the shop, there is an extra tab in the chatting window called "Information". This is a log of who has entered, bought and left your Private Shop.
Contains info on who has been in your shop.

Private Shop Names and Color

Private Shop names must be between 6 and 18 characters long and must NOT contain words which are filtered for example "Shade". The color of the shop name is blue, and will be changed to red once you have viewed the shop.

Blue Shop Name.jpg Red Shop Name.jpg
Blue Shop Name. Red Shop Name.

Price Bracket Colors

To make it easier to browse through a shop, prices have been given colors. If your are looking for an item at a particular price or if your are setting up a shop, the colors help to make sure its the right price.

Private Shop Price Bracket colors
Color Penya Range
White 1 ~ 99,999
GREEN 100,000 ~ 999,999
BLUE 1,000,000 ~ 9,999,999
ORANGE 10,000,000 ~ 99,999,999
RED 100,000,000 ~ 999,999,999
PURPLE 1,000,000,000 ~ 2,099,999,999

Other things to consider when opening a Private Shop

  • Please Note: Private shops can not be set up close to an NPC.
  • Please do NOT afk shout when you have a private shop set up.
  • If you have mistakenly vended an item for the wrong price and sold it for a much lower price, our staff will NOT assist you. Do double and triple check your shop before opening to avoid this.

!!! Please NOTE !!!

You CAN NOT hold more than 2.1 Billion in penya at anyone time. This means that the amount of penya in your inventory as well as the total possible amount of penya gained from all items selling in your private shop must not exceed 2.1 Billion (together).

This system has been updated. Penya that exceeds 2.1 Billion in your inventory from sales will be mailed to you instead.

Common Private Shop Scams

  • Box Scam:

Players may say they are selling boxed items but only selling an individual item. They may even try to sell the single item close to the boxed price to make you think it is a good deal.
To avoid this scam - Please remember: The displayed price is the price for a single unit of that item.