The Underground Crypt

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Underground Crypt

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The Underground Crypt is a new High-end PvE Instance accessed from the Unsealed Chamber inside the Church of Bubble. Contained within are monsters which are designed to be a replacement for Dark Tersia for weapon/shield leveling! The Bosses and Sub Bosses are designed around Colosseum hard difficulty at a minimal and may require more then 1 person to be able to complete! The normal mobs in this area will drop Eerie Orb's which you can exchange at the Bubble Priest for Shade Rift Orbs!

Along time ago during the War of the Gods, Bubble sealed away a powerful Sect of Shade that was forming under what is know Flarine. Followers of Bubble then built a Church upon the powerful magical seal Bubble created.

Recently the church was closed due to certain Heroes using spells inside the church damaging its structure, unfortunatly this damage has also broke the seal holding the monsters below at bay!

Its time to enter the magic circle(behind the cross) and help push back the evil forces within!

Underground Crypt is accessible from the Flaris continent.

Dungeon Particularities

Some Masquerpets are aggravated. This is an Instance Dungeon so only Party and or Guild members will be present.
Entrance Fee
Certain rules apply:

1) You must be in a party to enter dungeon but the party is not teleported to the dungeon if you enter it. You may proceed alone, though this is not advised.

2) If you leave the Dungeon you must wait for 4 hours before you can re-enter (cooldown).

3) If you disconnect you will be spawned just outside the dungeon and re-entrance is permitted.

4) You must kill 3 Mini Bosses before Deammore spawns.

Monsters Present

This dungeon is for level 300 Masquerpets.
This is a party dungeon so masquerpets hit hard and have a lot of hp.

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