Ticket System

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How to make a ticket?

  1. Go to the following link: https://www.insanityflyff.com/support
  2. Fill in a working email adress
  3. Fill in your ingame character name
  4. Select the correct topic
  5. Fill in a clear subject
  6. Explain ur problem in detail, always write your ticket in english !

How to insert a image in my ticket?

  1. Go to the website https://imgur.com
  2. Upload your image here
  3. Copy the link of the image you did upload
  4. Paste it in ur ticket

Account Recovery

Insanity has changed the encryption we are using for player passwords to invalidate all current passwords and force players to update theirs. Your current (old) passwords will no longer work, and you will have to change your Website password and the passwords for all your in-game accounts.

For security reasons, please:

  • Use a different and unique password
  • Consider changing your pin so its not 1111 or 1234
  • Insanity Staff will never ask for your account passwords

To change your website account password use the lost password option on the website.
If you have forgotten your Secret Answer, please visit our Recovery Page:

If you have never linked your accounts to your website account or the recovery page does not work (for whatever reason) please create a ticket with the following information:

  • Account name(s)
  • Character names
  • Bank PINs
  • Provide guesses if you're not sure. We need information to confirm you are the owner of the account.

Please be mindful that all replies on the ticket system are from a human. Sometimes the ticket system may be overrun and you will have to wait a few days for a reply. Please be patient.

I did not receive my iPoints

Did you buy iPoints through the donation page and you did not receive them? No panic ! We will help you.

Give the following information:

  1. Website account:
  2. Vip level:
  3. Amount of iPoints you did buy:
  4. Date + Time you did buy the iPoints:
  5. Payment reference:

I did not receive my item what i bought at the item mall

No problem, we will help you !

  1. Always make sure to check all of ur characters inventory in ur account
  2. Always make sure to check all or ur characters mail box in ur account

If you did number 1 & 2 and the item is not there, please make a ticket and give the information below this line

  1. Website account:
  2. Item name, quantity & price from the item:
  3. Date & time from your purchase:
  4. Insert a image of the buy history:

I am banned and i dont know why

Please give the following information:

  1. Website account:
  2. Account name:
  3. Character name(s):
  4. Last time you were able to log in:

I want to report a player

If you want to report a player make sure to give enough proof and give a detailed explanation why you want to report this player.

  1. Your account name:
  2. Your character name:
  3. The character name you want to report:
  4. The subject of the report:
  5. Detailed report reason:
  6. Any proof (image/video link(s)):

  • NOTE: Make sure to give FULL SCREEN images and video's, cropped images or video's are no legal proof.