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There will be several classes for you to choose from. You'll start off as the basic newbie class, the Vagrant, and from there you'll change into another once you have a good concept of how the game is played.

You will start off with four classes to choose from, and later in the game you'll be able to choose two others depending on your preference.


Vagrant When you first enter Madrigal, your job class will automatically be Vagrant.

In general, vagrants are a melee class that players will use to learn the way of the sword and get a good grasp of how the game is played.

You will be able to transfer to a more advanced job class upon reaching level 15. Vagrants use FP or Focus Points for their special skills. (Clean Hit, Flurry, Over Cut)
To learn more about vagrants, see Vagrant. If you're still relatively new, see the New Player Guide.


First Job Classes

After you, the vagrant, achieve Level 15, you will be able to change job. You will have the option of becoming either a Magician, an Acrobat, an Assist, or a Mercenary.

Acrobat Bow

Acrobat One of the four options available to you when you are ready to depart from vagrant-hood is the Acrobat.
Acrobats are those who mainly wield long distance weapons such as bows or yoyos. Using the skill tactics of speed and accuracy, they are usually able to break anyone willing enough to fight them.
Sly and witty, the acrobat is a cunning trickster.
An Acrobat will use MP or Mana points for Bow Skills (Rapid Shot, etc.) and FP or Focus Points for YoYo skills (Slow Step, Crossline, etc.) For universal skills like Dark Illusion, Acrobats use FP.

Acrobat YoYo

Assist Knuckle

Assist Otherwise, if long distance fighting, or fighting in general isn't quite for you - why not choose to become an assist?
Being an assist, you'll be able to choose to either be a fighter, or a healer. If a fighter is what you desire, assists generally favor close and personal combat. As you progress, you will find that using certain skills you will be able to destroy all enemies at once. If supporting other characters is more your style, you may choose the alternative. By using a magic stick, you will be able to cast magic spells to enhance the abilities of those around you.
Kind and gentle, the assist has a heart of gold.
An Assist will use MP, or Mana Points, for buff skills (Heap Up, Beef Up etc) and FP, or Focus Points for attack skills (Straight Punch, Burst Crack etc)

Assist Stick

Magician Staff

Magician Magicians are ranged spell casters. They are able to focus large amounts of magic upon an enemy, dealing a great deal of damage before they are even reached. Magicians generally have lower defense, lower HP, and sometimes even delay when it comes to casting spells. However they are able to cast spells that not only damage enemies, but slow them down as well.
Silent and mysterious, the magicians will always mystify curious eyes.
A Magician will use MP, or Mana Points for all skills (Mental Strike, Rooting, etc.)

Magician Wand

Mercenary Sword

Mercenary Last but not least, mercenaries prefer to partake in close range combat. The main characteristics of this particular class involve physical strength, and a strong body that is able to withstand attacks.
Powerful and headstrong, the mercenary has both inner and physical strength.
Mercenaries will use FP, or Focus Points, for all skills, buff or attack. (Keenwheel, Sword Mastery, etc.)

Mercenary Axe

Second Job Classes

Upon reaching level 60, you will have a number of things to choose from depending on what you are.


Jester Jesters focus on ranged attacks using Yo-Yos. They have a wide range of skills that allow them to be strong PvP'ers with their YoYo attacks, use some of their penya to do increased damage, and escape incoming attacks. Some Jesters will attack using a Bow, taking advantage of a Jester's trademark 4x Critical Rate.
Ranger Rangers are a ranged based melee class that focus on using bow skills to damage enemies. Coupled with the Dark Illusion Acrobat skill, Rangers can make a great PK support class as enemies will be silenced, and will not see you attacking, or leaving the scene of the crime!




Billposters are undoubtedly the most self-sufficient class in the game. With their normal assist buffs, and their additional damage skills upon second job change, they are a very strong class. They are more of a melee class, and fight using a knuckle and a shield.
Ringmaster Ringmaster is the other class that an assist can choose from. When it comes to partners, this class is the most sought after due to their ability to enhance others abilities and skills. With extra buffs and skills, this assist class is almost considered a necessity for game play; or, at least, they make it easier.



Psykeeper Psykeepers are one of the Magician's second classes. These, however, do not deal in the field of elemental damage. Most of the attacks, which are very powerful, tend to be based off mental and demonic forces.
Elementor Elementors are a second class for magicians and are a high damage spell casting class that uses staves to cast devastating elemental spells. They have a wide range of elemental skills at their disposal which can damage one or several enemies at the same time, as well as self buffs to increase the damage they deal.




Blades are a second class for mercenaries and are the best damage dealers in the game. As a blade you will be able to wield two weapons at the same time and thus drastically increase your damage output.

Knights are a second class for mercenaries and are the best tanks in the game. As a knight you will receive more health points per stamina point than any other class.


Third Job Classes

Upon reaching level 150 and 99.99%, each of the second classes can progress to the third evolution of their respective class.


Harlequin Harlequins are the third class for Jesters and posses dark skills which allow them to attack from behind their foes and even vanish right in front of your eyes. The Harlequins make for a deadly class with their combo of stealth and attacks.
Crackshooter Crackshooters are the third class for Rangers and can kill from a much further distance than Rangers. They can equip the crossbow, a compact and highly lethal weapon. These ranged fighters can and will kill multiple targets.


Force Master

Force Master Force Masters are the third class for Billposters. Already one of the strongest if not thee strongest class within Madrigal. The addition of the Force Master Skills bring the most welcomed boost to party abilities. Any party would welcome the powers of a Force Master.
Seraph Seraphs are the third class for Ringmasters. They are capable of mending any wound, big or small and can bless their companions and awaken strength, skill, and abilities few may think are possible and can even invoke the power of temporary immortality.



Mentalist Mentalists are the third class for Psykeepers. These playful but graceful and fearsome magicians can manipulate the battlefield and foes to an untimely demise.
Arcanist Arcanists are the third class for Elementors. Arcanists are experts in the art of elements and can rain down the heaven's to destroy all that lie in there way.



Slayer Slayers are the third class for blades. These ferocious fighters never relent on the attack, and their fury never ceases until all those that oppose them have been laid to waste at their hands.
Templar Templars are the third class for knights. The ultimate guardian, far more than just a meat shield. They are the epitome of defense and are the knights in shining armor legends are made of.