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Starting NPC

(Public Office) Helena Location
(Public Office) Helena NPCHelena2.jpg

Create Guild

Quest Starting Location: Sain City
Quest : Create Guild
NPC : (Public Office) Helena
Quest Requirement :

  • Level 40
  • 3 million penya
  • Lead of a party with 2 other players that are eligible to enter a guild (they will be your first members)

To be eligible you must not have been in a guild for 2 hours
Objective : Talk to Helena. She will verify if you meet conditions. Then select "Quest in Progress" and you will be able to continue.

Reward: Your very own Guild!

Quest Text:

"Do you want to create a new guild? Excellent! First, I have to check if you are qualified to create a new guild. Okay, first you have to organize your own party. You should be the party leader and the total number of members should be 3, including you. Got it?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Once again, make your own party. Remember that you should be the party leader and the total number of members should be 3, including you. Please visit me again once you have done this."

Denying Quest Text:

"Okay, in that case, if you decide to create a guild later, we'll be here!"

During Quest Text:

"There seems to be a problem. Maybe you aren't the party leader or you do not have enough members. Remember, you have to be the party leader and you should have 3 party members, including yourself. Please come back again when you have met all of the conditions for creating your guild."

Completed Quest Text:

"Hmm… Okay, lets see. You are the party leader, and there are 3 members... Good! Now I will let you create your own guild. By the way, according to Madrigal policy, you must pay 3,000,000 Penya to create the guild. Do you have 3,000,000 Penya right now?"

Next Stage in Quest

  • Complete

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