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The Lodestar is a mystical device created by Bubble. Spawned from her great love of all living things, these devices can restore life to the wounded warrior. Come bring her your dead so that she may enlist them once again in the war against Shade and her masqerpets.

This is where you spawn after death and when using a Town Blinkwing

Lodestars of Madrigal


Location on navigator Flarine Lodestar Location on map
Lod nav001.jpg Lodestar flaris.jpg Flaris lod.jpg

PvP Arena

There is no map in the Arena

Location on navigator Arena Lodestar Arena Overhead
Arena nav.png Arena Lod.png Arena map.jpg

Saint Morning

Location on navigator Saint Mornings Lodestar Location on map
Lod nav002.jpg Lodestar SM.jpg Sm lod.jpg

Darkon 1

Location on navigator Darkon Lodestar Location on map
Lod nav003.jpg Lodestar Darkon 1.jpg Darkon 1 lod.jpg

Darken town

Location on navigator Darken town Lodestar Location on map
Lod nav004.jpg Lodestar Darken.jpg Darken lod.jpg