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PVP Duel

Player vs. Player, or it's more commonly used name, PVP is when you and another player have a friendly match. For each battle, you will either gain, or lose points depending on the outcome. As you receive a certain amount of points, you will earn a title next to your name.




In order to enter a duel, you must have completed your first job quest. For example, if you were a vagrant you couldn't possibly fight anyone.

Also, you are not allowed to duel anyone who is 29 levels below, or above you.

So, to recap.

  • Have completed your first job quest.
  • That means you're not a vagrant.
  • No fighting anyone 29 levels under or above yourself.

How to Duel


There is only one definite way to duel. By holding down the ALT button on your keyboard and clicking on the desired player. Afterward, the usual drop down menu should appear (Be sure to hold a certain distance otherwise it won't work). Afterward it is up to the opposing party whether or not to accept the challenge. If they were to accept, a 3 second countdown shall commence alongside battle icons above one's head.

At this point, both players may strike each other, there is a 3 minute timer for you to finish the duel.

If nothing happens then the match is forfeited.

However if the battle is won, or lost an image should appear saying this.

For each duel you win, you gain a certain amount of points. The amount of points you gain or lose depends on the difference between your character's level, and the level of the character you duel.

Guild Duel

Guild Duels is a larger scaling of PVP and can be done anytime, anywhere. It takes place when two Guilds have a face off. Any members of either guild may participate. In order to start, the guild leader must ask another leader to duel. To do this, the leader must hold down the Alt key and click on the opposing leader. From there they must select the Guild Duel option on the drop down menu. Guild members do not need to be in a party to participate.

The Guild Duel is ended once a Guild Leader is shot down, surrenders, or calls a truce. If the truce is rejected, the war is still on.

However, if one, or both Guild Leaders log out during the war, the Guild whose leader has been online for the longest period of time during the war is automatically awarded victory at the end of the two-hour time limit if the Guild Duel is not ended before the time runs out.


PLEASE NOTE: As of version 13 old PvP titles can no longer be used in front of the name. They have been replaced by In-game achievements found in the Fame/Master tab in the character status window (hot key "H")

Your title is based on the number of PvP points you have accumulated. These Titles can be lost once you no longer meet the requirements.

Temporary Acievements
Fame/Master tab Title Requirement
Fame tab.jpg Novice Fighter Get 10 PVP Points.
Apprentice Fighter Get 100 PVP Points.
Persistant Fighter Get 1,000 PVP Points.
Devoted Fighter Get 4,000 PVP Points.
Passionate Fighter Get 10,000 PVP Points.
Unyeilding Fighter Get 20,000 PVP Points.
Prizewinning Fighter Get 50,000 PVP Points.
Renowned Fighter Get 1,000,000 PVP Points.
Epic Fighter Get 5,000,000 PVP Points.
Champion Fighter Get 10,000,000 PVP Points.

Pvp Arena

Arena main.jpg

Red circle: The PvP arena

Green circle: resurrection point when player dies

Purple circle: (Arena Store) Deek: the NPC Who sells food, arrows, Skill Poster, Bless Poster, etc

Blue circle: (Arena Manager) Harold: NPC who helps character in and out of arena.

The PvP arena (player vs player arena) is the Free for all arena where anyone can attack anyone. It is different from the Duel Arena in that you do not gain consent from a player to start attacking. A player is allowed to freely attack other players with or without consent from the attacked player. Players can kill and be killed without any penalty what so ever. Including no exp lost, no item lost, and your pet will not die due to your death in the arena by another player. You cannot fly, use Scroll of Resurrection, or use Scroll of Blessing while inside the arena. The Assist class will be able to ressurect you, only if they wish. PvP arena is also known as PK (player killing) arena.

Locating PvP arena

Talk to (Arena Manager) Lay located in each town to enter the arena.

Darkon: The Arena Manager can be located Near the Lodestar of Darkon town

Flaris: The Arena Manager can be located in Central Flarine.

Saint Morning: the Arena Manager can be located in The Main Part of Saints Morning town where the Lodestar is located