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Public Office and Post Box located in Central Flaris

Insanity has an in-game Mail system that allows you to easily send messages, items, and penya to friends whether they are online or offline. There is a fee of 500 penya for each message sent through the mail service.


The Mail System can be accessed from the Red Mailbox called a "Post Box" found next to the Public Office NPC in each of the three main towns of Flaris, Saint Morning, and Darkon.


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Sending Mail
Received Mail

When clicking the mailbox, the mail window appears. There are two tabs to this window: Sent Mail, and Received Mail.

Sending Mail

The Sent Mail tab is the tab to use when you want to send mail to another player. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to send a message:

  1. First, enter the name of the character you would like to send mail to in the field marked Receiver. You can manually type the character's name, or if you are sending to someone on your friends list, you can use the drop-down arrow on the right side to select from a list of your friends. Please note that the name must be spelled EXACTLY including capitalization. Sending mail to Name and name would NOT send mail to the same character. Double check the spelling and capitalization before sending anything important!
  2. The next field, marked Title will be the subject of the message when it appears in the receivers inbox. When adding an item to a mail message, the title is automatically set to the name of the item, but can be changed afterward. Message titles are now restricted to 32 characters (32 bytes).
  3. The main large field in the mail window is where you type your message. You can include any message up to 256 characters in length, and you must press enter at the end of each line to start a new line, as the mail form does not automatically start a new line on its own.
  4. Beneath that, on the right side of the window there is a bag icon. This is where you can attach items to the message. Simply drag the item from your inventory into the box and it will be taken from your inventory and included in the message. You can attach a few items to a piece of mail. If you want to remove the item from the message before sending it, you can right click the item in the mail window to remove it.
  5. Next to the bag are the Penya/Perin fields. To attach penya/perin to a message, simply type the amount of penya/perin you wish to send in this field. It will deduct it from your inventory when the message is sent. Note that the 500 penya delivery fee is in addition to any penya sent within the mail.
  6. When you are ready to send your mail, click the Send button. You will see a confirmation message that the mail was sent.

Note that once mail has been sent, it can not be unsent! There is also no way to see messages you have sent in the past.

Received Mail

When you receive mail, you will see a notification pop up on the lower right corner of the screen, as well as a flashing mail icon in your messenger window. To check your received mail, click the Received Mail tab in the mail window at any Post Box. On this tab you will see a list of mail you have received. Mail is stored for 15 days before it automatically gets deleted, so make sure to check your mail often to avoid losing anything that might have been sent to you!

  • The box on the left side of the list shows whether there is an item attached to the mail, and if so, what that item is.
  • The box on the right side of the list shows first the name of the character the mail came from, and below that the title/subject of the mail. On the very right there is an indication of how many days are left before the message will be automatically deleted.

Double-click on a piece of mail on the list to open that mail. Then you can view the message along with the attachments, if any.

  • Upon receiving and reading mail, you need to actually TAKE the attachments from the message before you will have them in your inventory! Make sure you do so to avoid them being deleted with the mail! To do this, click the bag icon and just drag the item from the message window into your inventory. Penya can be taken from the mail by also dragging it from the message and into your inventory.

To reply to a received message, click the Reply button on the message.

Once you have finished with a piece of mail, you can either delete it manually by clicking the Delete button on the message, or you can leave it in your inbox to be automatically deleted when the 15 days is up.

Late Fees

If you do not get collect your mail in a timely fashion you will be charged late fees.

days late fee days late fee days late fee
day 1 0 penya day 6 0 penya day 11 penya
day 2 0 penya day 7 0 penya day 12 penya
day 3 0 penya day 8 0 penya day 13 penya
day 4 0 penya day 9 0 penya day 14 penya
day 5 0 penya day 10 1 penya day 15 penya

Note: When receiving a mail from sender unknown, this means that the sender has deleted his character. In that case you have no longer access to see that players data such as the name.