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Upon reaching level 120 and gaining 99.99% experience, players will become a Master of their class. This happens instantly via popup window once you hit the requirements. When you become a master, you are returned to level 60. Masters gain three stat points per level, can wear all armor up to level 120 for their class, and gain experience at half the normal rate. They also get a large M next to their name, opposite of where a Guild logo would be. They change color for every ten levels the player gains:

  • Master60.png60-69
  • Master70.png70-79
  • Master80.png80-89
  • Master90.png90-99
  • Master100.png100-109
  • Master110.png110-120

When you reach level 120 with 99.99% experience as a Master, you will be able to become a Hero. Upon becoming a hero, you will receive the Hero skill for your class. Heroes can level up to a maximum level of 150. Instead of the Master M, you will have a large H in a yellow box opposite where a Guild logo would be.