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Pet Pet2.PNG

Madrigal has many companions. Why not have an adventure with a faithful partner of your own?

Please keep in mind that Pets do not fight, they simply add stat bonuses to your character.

There are also Item Mall pets which pick up loot for you, described here.

Egg Pets

Pet Helper.PNG

Getting a Pet

Pets hatch from Eggs, these are dropped by monsters that are Level 20 and higher; the higher your level, the greater your chances of getting an Egg. There are 2 ways of obtaining a pet from eggs.

  • First way to have a pet is to hatch an egg, you must go the the Pet Tamer and do his quest. You must then feed your Egg 50,000 Pet Feed to get its experience to 99.99%. Once this happens take your egg to a Pet Tamer NPC to get it hatched. A random Pet will hatch from the egg.
  • (This can FAIL)The second way is to take 10 eggs to the Pet Tamer and he will exchange for a pet. Outcome is random and if it fails you get Pet Feed.

You do not get to choose the type of Pet you receive. Pets can be traded, sold, and mailed.

Raising a Pet

To summon your pet, double click the Pet icon in your Inventory at the Pet tab. Click on your Pet and select Pet Status to view vital Pet information. Your pet will lose 1 point of HP per second while it is summoned. Feeding Pet Feed to your Pet regenerates 2 HP per 1 Pet Feed. The only way to level your pet is to keep it out for extended periods of time. A Pet gains a fixed amount of experience a minute. When you un-summon your Pet it will lose 1 minute's worth of experience.

Here are the percentages of exp gained per minute.

D Rank C Rank B Rank A Rank
0.25% 0.12% 0.06% 0.03%

Here is a table calculating the least amount of feed and time you will need to invest in your pet to go from egg to max level S. This is of course not counting any Pet Medicine(A)s or Pet Medicine(B)s you might use. Please note that every time you put your pet away it loses exp. Also because of lag your pet takes a little more then 1minute to increase in exp so times may vary. The average time, from players on the forum, to get from D to S is 4 days 18hrs and 4 minutes plus 255,315 feed. Do not wait the "Max time between feedings" it is just to give an idea of how much time in between feedings without the use of a Pet Feed Bag.
Level Egg D to C C to B B to A A to S S
Exp per Minute N/A 0.25 0.12 0.06 0.03 N/A
Total minutes per Level N/A 400 833 1667 3333 N/A
Time to next level hrs:min N/A 6:40 13:53 27:47 55:33 N/A
Feed to next level 50,000 12,000 24,990 50,010 99,990 N/A
HP per level N/A 180 300 420 600 1500
Max time between feedings N/A 3 min 5 min 7 min 10 min 25 min

For a grand total of 4days 7hrs and 53min in time and 236,990 Pet Feed.

Pet Awakening

in Insanity MMORPG, it is possible to awaken stats on your beloved pet. To do so, visit (Shop) Upgrading in Central Flarine. Open her shop by selecting the trade option in her menu. Here you will find Scroll of Awakening. When you want to remove the awake you have to use a Scroll of Reversion. aswel as using Unique Awake Scrolls on them for higher and much improved Stats

Creating Pet Feed

Pet Feed is created at the Pet Tamer NPC using Quest Items dropped by monsters. The higher the level of monster that dropped the item, the more Pet Feed the item will create. The higher level the monster drop, the more Pet Feed it will make. Here is a table with the values of feed per quest item.
Pet PetFeed.PNG

Pet Experience Gain

When the pet reached 99.99% you have to take it back to the Pet Tamer. Here you have to complete the quest corresponding to the level of the pet. Once you finished the quest, your pet will gain a new level. When it reaches a new level it will also gain more stat bonus. When you have a lower level than wanted you can try your luck with a Blessing of the Pet Tamer or Chance of the Pet Tamer. With the blessing you can redo only the last level and chance will reroll the second last and the last level. An overview of the possible levels can be found in the table below.

Stat level Evolution
Hatch Randomly 1st Randomly 2nd Randomly 3rd Randomly 4th
Lvl 1 stat Class D Class C Class B Class A Class S
Lvl 2 stat Class C Class B Class A Class S
Lvl 3 stat Class C Class B Class A Class S
Lvl 4 stat Class B Class A Class S
Lvl 5 stat Class B Class A Class S
Lvl 6 stat Class A Class S
Lvl 7 stat Class A Class S
Lvl 8 stat Class S
Lvl 9 stat Class S

Types of Pets

Pet Lion.PNG

Babari Lion

Follow the link for evolution details.
The Babari Lion is able to go on for great lengths without getting tired. With this as your partner, you will be given Stamina.

Pet Tiger.PNG

White Tiger

Follow the link for evolution details.
The White Tiger is the most powerful of all Madrigal. With this as your partner, you will be given Strength.

Pet Fox.PNG

Old Fox

Follow the link for evolution details.
The Old Fox is the most cunning creature in Madrigal. With this as your partner, you will be given Intelligence.

Pet Rabbit.PNG


Follow the link for evolution details.
The Rabbit is the fastest creature in Madrigal. With this as your partner, you will be given Dexterity.

Pet Unicorn.PNG


Follow the link for evolution details.
The Unicorn is the healthiest when it comes to the creatures of Madrigal. With this as your partner, you will be given PvE Damage.

Pet Griffin.PNG


Follow the link for evolution details.
The Griffin is able to resist even the mightiest blows. With this as your partner, you will be given Increased Attack.

Pet Dragon.PNG


Follow the link for evolution details.
The Dragon is the fiercest of all the creatures. With this as your partner, you will be given ADOCH.

Pet Ranks

Pet All.PNG

Pet HP

This is the amount of HP your Pet will have at the corresponding class:

Class D C B A S
HP 180 300 420 600 1500

Pet's Lives and Deaths

Pets can have a maximum of 99 lives. The only way to increase a Pet's life count is to purchase Pet Energy from the Item Mall. A Pet will start with ONE LIFE when newly hatched. Zero lives means that the next time the pet loses a life it will die. Your pet can die by either having your pet summoned when you die (from losing all your hp due to a monster killing you), or by forgetting to feed your pet. Also, Pets will not die due to your death in the Arena or PvP arena. Pets do not gain lives when they level up.

  • Pets will lose lives when they run out of HP or if you are killed while fighting Monsters.

  • If your pet dies, it is a sad time indeed. But do not fret, if your pet is of class B, A, or S there is a way to resurrect them.(Class D and C are unable to be resurrected.)
  • Pet Tamer offers pet Revival. The donated living pets must be class S, A or B. Bring him three living pets(must be same class), he will give you 3 pieces of scroll you may then exchange them for a Scroll of Revival of the same class. you may also purchase these scrolls in the Scroll Shop or Item Mall.
  • Raise another pet to the same class as the dead pet you wish to resurrect. Talk to the Pet Tamer and convert the newly raised pet into a special piece of scroll you can use to resurrect your dead pet (the pet used to create the piece of scroll disappears from inventory.) Example: You have a dead Class B pet. Raise another pet to Class B and convert that pet into a piece of scroll to resurrect the dead pet.

Mega Pets

these pets are Item Mall only pets that can be bought as a Token which when activated with a spawned [Egg]] will give you an automatic S Rank Pet , but not only are they automatically S/S/S/S/S Rank they also have all Levels 9 giving them the bonus of all max levels throughout Ranks aswel as a full 99 Lives

Itm MegaPetSpawn Tiger.png

Mega Tiger

grants STR +185

Itm MegaPetSpawn Lion.png

Mega Lion

grants STA +185

Itm MegaPetSpawn Fox.png

Mega Fox

grants INT +185

Itm MegaPetSpawn Rabbit.png

Mega Rabbit

grants DEX +185

Itm MegaPetSpawn Dragon.png

Mega Dragon

grants ADOCH +180%

Itm MegaPetSpawn Griffin.png

Mega Griffin

grants Increased Attack +40%

Itm MegaPetSpawn Unicorn.png

Mega Unicorn

grants PvE +60%

Pet Extras

Looter Pets

Another kind of pet that you may be familiar with are the kind that pick items up for you. These pets cannot be obtained from an egg.

The only possible way to obtain these kind of pets, you must purchase them from either the Item Mall, Misc Shop , or other Event Related Limited Time Shop

  • Another type of Premium Pet is called a Buff Pet. To learn about them please refer to their wiki page.

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